Volume Pills Review – How to Increase Ejaculate Volume

volume pills opened boxIf you’ve landed here you’re probably looking for ways to increase the amount of ejaculate when you climax.  There are a few reasons guys want this:

  1. Women are subconsciously more aroused by men with big loads.
  2.  Increased ejaculate means a healthier body, increased sex-dive, harder erections and mind blowing orgasms.
  3. An increase in sperm volume can greatly increase virility in men with a lower sperm count.

Increase Ejaculate Volume – a Review of Volume Pills

After trying changes in diet, abstaining from masturbation, doing the whole loose underwear thing, and trying the top 4 supplements on the market (including Semenax, Performer 5 and Vimax), Volume Pills performed the best by far.  You can greatly increase the amount you cum and the duration with these supplements.

Side note, we’ll go over the ingredients for full disclosure below along with a personal list of pros and cons.

Volume Pills Review in the Media

Why Bigger Loads Matter to Your Sex Life

As stated above there is a decent amount of research to suggest that women get more turned on by men that ejaculate a large amount of semen. Seriously, here are some studies from the Independent, The Evolution of Sexuality by Todd K. Shackelford, ‎Ranald D. Hansen and Psychology Today. It could be because women subconsciously see a healthier, larger load of sperm as a better potential mate. Men’s loads are (for obvious reasons) associated with manhood and fertility and what women wouldn’t want a man with optimal “manly” reproductive characteristics?

It’s a fact that sex sells really well, so it’s no wonder so many companies have created some kind of seamen booster. Volume Pills have done it, and they did it best.  The product is fully endorsed by some outstanding doctors and researchers in the male fertility field including Dr. Michael Carter, and Dr. Thomas Muller, clinical phycologist. Below are the results of a study they did (paraphrased).

Volume Pills Study


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Volume Pills Work


My Opinion

The makers of these pills say that the ingredients used in the correct dosage produce unmatched results.  I’ve personally been using them for 3 months (90’ish  days, from August 3rd to November 10th) and here’s what I’ve seen in point form:

Volume Pills Pro’s

-I use to shoot about a teaspoon. If I didn’t masturbate there’d be a littler more. A  couple week into taking VP my load would easily be over a tablespoon. 5 weeks in I could probably fill a shot glass. There was a huge difference in the amount of ejaculate in the neighborhood of 5 times the amount.

-My erections are the hardest they have ever been, and I’ve never really had a problem in that area, but the difference is really noticeable and has been very well commented on.

-My penis is bigger. It hangs longer/fuller and a good quarter inch bigger hard (I measured). I wrote the support line and was told that because of increased semen production and circulation, the penis gets more blood going to it making it bigger all around. So I thought that was a pretty sweet deal, like a gift with purchase.

-Higher sex drive.  There’s definitely a boost in sex drive. It’s not over the top, but it can make feel like you’re 20 again.

-Sex is better than before.  I have a long time girlfriend and the sex has always been good, but this is a whole new level.  An orgasm use to last max 10-15 seconds, now I can cum for a solid minute, it’s awesome.

– There’s peace of mind when you buy a product with a good reputation and a solid money back guarantee, so if you’re not 100% satisfied you can return it for a full refund.

Volume Pill Con’s

-You can only buy them online; so far they’re not available in retail stores.

-If you stop taking them you’ll notice that you’ll go back to the amount you ejaculated before hand. Maybe a little more. I stopped taking them for a month and noticed a decrease, but I think that’s pretty normal.

Overall Rating

Here’s how I broke down my review and why I’ve decided to put them at number 1.

Effectiveness: 5/5.

Time to take effect: 4.5/5.

Results: 5/5.

Ingredients: 5/5.

Safety (zero side effects): 5/5.

Customer Support: 4.8/5.

Cost: 5/5 (comparable or cheaper than the competition).

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Volume Pills Ingredients

This proprietary herbal compound contains an ingredient that as studies have shown can greatly boost sexual satisfaction along with boosting male sex drive. One particular study performed by the University of Science Malaysia,School of Pharmaceutical Sciences results showed a significant enhancement in the sexual behavior men between the ages of 35 and 50. Solidin contains L-Dopa a precursor to dopamine, the pleasure stimulating chemical in the brain.
Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen are unique plants primarily found in China. Both pants are vasodilators, meaning they open up the blood vessels to encourage more blood to the penis. This causes harder erections and can lead to penile size gains.
This is a natural Testosterone booster and has been shown to help fight diabetes and reduce body fat.
Citrus bioflavonoid used primarily in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Emblica Officinalis is the planet’s highest amount of Vitamin C. Bioflavonoids, such as 4′, 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavone, have been shown to work with one and other synergistically with Vitamin C in order to boost the health of blood vessels.
SAN GUO MU is used to maintain a healthy heart and is used to give men better control over their climax.
Dong Chong Xia Cao is used to help the body increase the production of sex hormones like testosterone.
This is proven to aid in sperm production and sperm motility by 80% to 200%.
Ling Zhi increase overall vitality and raises energy levels. Gives excellent stamina.
Known as an alternative to Viagra, Xian Mao is found in SE India and is considered an aphrodisiac.
Helps men who suffer from impotence.
Stimulates the production and release of male sex hormones. It also increases penile blood capacity.
This is a type of seaweed found in the cost of the Western United States and is used in the top male enhancement products. It is also used to increase sexual health.
This helps balance and maintain healthy hormone levels in the body.
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  1. Cool site Jeff. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

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    • Thanks, DB. Let me know how it goes.

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  2. Tried them from your recommendation. Don’t tend to leave comments but thought I’d let you know that I was pretty surprised on how effective Volume pills are. Didn’t have to wait as long to see results. Sex drive went up by day 3 and my loads doubled in a week.
    Good site thx

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    • Dave, thanks for the comment.
      Good to hear you like them and they worked pretty quickly for you. They took a little longer with me, but everyone a little different.

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    • Yes, there’s a 67 day 100% money back guarantee. So you’ll have 2 months plus a week to see the results.

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